Tuesday, October 17, 2006


the cleaner i sing, the cleaner i write. how bizarre is that? it's like new connections are being forged or maybe just cleaned in my brain by the thor god up in there and his shiny hammer and fine firey furnace, i tell thee 'struthly. we went to a democratic party gala tonight. i saw a girl i'd gone to high school with and always liked as a friend. now i think given a third of an opportunity i could like her as more than a friend but i kinda doubt she's either gay or single... it was kind of electric, though. exciting. i've been having more of those moments recently.

the point was that democrats suck. they suck less than republicans, but the basic premise of politics nowadays seems to be that the average american has NO FUCKING CHANCE IN HELL of understanding ANYTHING about a platform aside from a few basic taglines. which i for one am completely insulted by. it's obvious that i could understand the issues if i wanted to; i just don't want to. politics to voters is like the fragmented underside of a dropped plate. part of me wishes they'd just give up the pretense; the other part wishes to start an agrarian revolution like they did back in 1840 or whenever and travel around oaklahoma and various points north south east and west sockless like jerry joe jackson or whoever the hell that dude was who didn't play baseball and whose basic oratorial premise seemed to be that he was like the common man because he didn't have either the time money or flexibility for socks...possibly. (actually i don't remember why he was sockless, but DAMN, man.) unfortunately the agrarian revolutionary part of me is small, and lacking in drive though not desire (i wish i knew what freud would say to that). so mostly i wish they'd drop the pretense and appoint some nice liberal dictator who wouldn't kill significant parts of the population for eugenic reasons. also he/she would make the tsunamis go away and get giant freezers for the polar ice caps. i mean, not very american of me, i agree, but also not much work for me. and meanwhile these democrats are standing up at the podium there going, "health care for all, tax cuts, out of iraq, better education, clean energy, curbing global warming, and republicans suck my sweaty balls (in some cases figurative). also lower the debt." and i'm like, sounds good. sounds impossible, but good. heh heh, yes, bush is an idjit. heh. i can get on board behind the "let's do good stuff and bush is stupid" campaign. and i may.

but i might not mean it entirely.

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