Monday, October 02, 2006


the idea here being quantity before quality, i give you... (i love this two titles thing. you get one, and then when you think you're done you've got another.)

persephorydice (2)

reminders of lips.
or little shiny drops.
seed inside
crunching like
a shell.
...turn around.
and sensation
of juice.
stain not lithe.
everything flickering
about the edges.
a core of
...turn around bright eyes.
bright red not thick.
also the tiny
...every now and then i fall apart.

did you know that the dude who invented sea-monkeys apparently (according to my five seconds of internet research) used the money he made to fund anti-semite groups despite the fact that he himself was jewish? man, if that's true, literally nothing is innocent.

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