Monday, January 21, 2008

list of songs i would sing were i to have a recital which i probably won't ever: (in progress)
-"o my stars," michael hurley
-"mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix," saint-saens
-"i've got it bad (and that ain't good)," webster/ellington (according to the internet)
-"st. christopher," "temptation," "blue valentine," waits
-"midnight sun," johnny mercer (?????)
-"wild is the wind," tiompkin/washington
-"goldeneye," bono
-"l'amour est un oiseau rebelle," bizet
-"nessun dorma," puccini
-"horses in my dreams," harvey
-"darlin' be home soon," lovin' spoonful
-"take me to the world," sondheim would be kind of depressing. i'd need some suggestions from people who like happy music. it's not that i don't like happy music, it's just that i need to be pointed in the correct direction usually. but since this is a fantasy list, it doesn't really matter.

less creepy than usual love poem

i know you have a name but i'm not sure what it is

imagining your flesh:
local household to an ancient want:

the nearest and dearest.

imagining you, a comma in a bed:
the sweetness of those half-furled limbs

concentrated, expressed in the eyes,
green, brown, or blue:

i think,
therefore i want.