Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the below is a picture of a taco from sweden

diese zeiten sind gewaltig

wanting as a form of color
red gold color like anger but better
scented too like rust and apple blossom.

wanting is like a nothing less than.
wanting is poised and unvariant on.

mirrored in silver want want and or want like a child on a string red raspberry mouth gaping. so we take them to the yellow baler where they smash the boxes because it is dirty and denuded of some of its paint. sexy. and then there was the pillowfight. sexier. wrapped in meat like a crepe skin slit it stays good for twenty three years or more.

some things were born to be wanted
and some things to be hated. and some things were the same things.
hey down a down mofo.

it will be dark soon. there will be fewer birds in the trees and what are there will be asleep with heads inside wings. it waits for it it waited for and will wait for it. there is less of a trick to it than it might think as it races like fire along the nerves to the outward muscles the lobotamites and the labia a veritable cornucopia of parts each so vividly its own a metallic tang to its private smells and a whiteness on the bone. fluids red and gold too brilliant for tears and too heady for blood but by the gallon with red dye to brighten it. a sensation of movement in the gut, the swelling out of-- the hot proteate sensation of-- that brightness that heaping brightness and that place at the seam where it gets so lost in white and black like micate infection. cry oh how how to cry oh how how to it is a howl in the searing brightness and it is a sough in the darkness a black as still and thereby brittle as osteoporites. lying in pieces. lying. in pieces.

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